Composting Pilot Program to Launch in Andersonville

Andersonville will be home to an exciting new pilot program: community composting. Sponsored by Andersonville Development Corporation, the Chicago Compost Coalition, Loyola University and the Chicago Resource Center, the program gives residents free five-gallon buckets in which to collect organic waste, which will be picked up on a weekly basis for a fee of $3 per bucket. Businesses can also participate by choosing 32, 60 or 96 gallon totes; collection for the totes will be $15 per tote. The program starts the first week of October and will last up to six months. The boundaries for participation are between Peterson and Lawrence, and Broadway and Ravenswood (though residents beyond the boundaries can contact the Chicago Compost Coalition to ask about participation).

To sign up for the program, check the Chicago Compost Coalition's website. The deadline for participation has been reported in different places as either September 13th or 17th; suffice to say you should sign up right away if you want to participate!

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