WANT Opposes Passages Charter Expansion

The Passages Charter School at 1643 West Bryn Mawr is seeking expansion to add a high school to the currently-existing elementary school. WANT's membership voted at its December 10th General Meeting to oppose this proposed expansion. A position statement has been drafted and sent to the Chicago Board of Education, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Alderman Patrick J. O'Connor, and the administration of both Passages and Asian Human Services, which runs Passages.

The bases for WANT's opposition are the lack of need for a charter high school in this area, the detrimental effect such a school would have on our existing public high schools, the logistical difficulties of adding hundreds of commuting students to a location that is already overwhelmed with traffic from the elementary school, and the lack of interest Passages has shown in responding to concerns raised by the community in which it is located.

Please click below to read WANT's position statement in full.

WANT Position Statement