Public Meeting on Argyle Traffic Change January 16th

argyle_traffic Alderman O'Connor will host a public meeting on a proposed change to the traffic flow on Argyle between Damen and Wolcott on January 16th at 7pm. The meeting will be held in the Amundsen High School Auditorium (enter at Door #1 on Damen).

Below is Alderman O'Connor's announcement regarding the meeting:

The purpose of this meeting is to address the proposed traffic change to Argyle between Damen Avenue and Wolcott Avenue. The proposal seeks to make Argyle a two-way street between those blocks. As you may be aware, we recently sent out flyers describing the traffic change and we received some calls and e-mails voicing concerns. Based on these concerns, I am hosting a public meeting to discuss this change.

Argyle currently is two-way east of Wolcott and one-way west of Wolcott. Argyle is a dead end at the rail line east of Wolcott. The purpose of modifying Argyle is to directly link the residential developments to Damen and Lawrence (via Winchester) and to eliminate the circuitous traffic movements generated by the one-way streets and thus minimize the traffic impact to the existing residential community. This change would not modify street parking, street widths, or street parkways, only direction.

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