Passages Charter School Proposes to Increase Enrollment

Though its proposal to open a high school was denied, Passages Charter School has asked for approval to increase its elementary enrollment. At the time of its request to open a high school, Passages assured the community that it did not intend to increase enrollment at the elementary level, but those statements appear to have been forgotten.

A public meeting will be held this Wednesday, May 14th, at 4:30pm at 125 South Clark Street.

We encourage any neighbors who are able to attend this meeting. We have not been able to find any details about Passages' proposal online, and the school did not contact WANT to solicit feedback from its most-affected neighbors or to inform us of any community meetings on their proposal. 

If we are able to obtain additional information about Passages' proposal, we will update this post.

Details on the meeting, including how to register to speak, are available at this link.

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