Next WANT General Meeting on June 24

Please join us for WANT's next general meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, June 24th, at 7:30pm at Edgewater Historical Society (Ashland and Balmoral). We will be discussing some issues critical to the future of the area - most particularly, the process for selecting a proposal for disposition of the Trumbull school building is underway and we should have concerete information to report.

The front page of the June newsletter indicated that a single proposal for the reuse of the Trumbull site would be communicated to the neighborhood at the upcoming meeting. This is in error. The process being engaged by the Alderman's office instead is seeking community response to broad reuse or redevelopment proposals before a decision is made by Chicago Public Schools regarding a sale of the property. We regret if this clarification of the process has resulted in any confusion.

At the General meeting, we will learn more about the community response process and how all of us can be engaged. WANT is aware that Edgewater Historical society is engaged in a process to seek historic preservation of the building, and has communicated its support for their efforts to the Alderman's office in a variety of ways. Please plan to attend on the 24th to learn more about the process. We will have further information about how area residents and WANT members can share their ideas and suggestions with the Alderman.