Process Announced for Deciding Reuse of Trumbull Building

Alderman O'Connor's office has released the framework for a community consultation process for determining the reuse of the Trumbull School location. As many are aware, WANT members voted in September to support Edgewater Historical Society in their efforts to seek to preserve the building or particular features of the building. Some of the initial proposals would seem to do that, others would likely seek to a range of options from partial to total redevelopment of the site. The possibilities represent a diverse range of options. You can read more about the process by which the Alderman's office is seeking community feedback, proposals, and how CPS will make a decision by clicking here.
Please attend the next General Meeting, Tuesday, June 24 at 7:30 PM at Edgewater Historical Society, Balmoral and Ashland. At this meeting, we will present more details about WANT's role in the community consultation process regarding Trumbull, including how interested volunteers could join the Board and our Land Use and Zoning Committee in providing additional feedback in the Alderman's process.


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