2017 Board Nominations and Fall General Meeting September 29th

Our next general meeting will be September 29th, 2016, at 7:30pm at Ebenezer Lutheran Church (Foster and Paulina). Please enter through the door on the west side of the courtyard on Foster. We will be discussing any developments in the Trumbull project, as well as significant upcoming changes at Summerdale Church at Paulina and Farragut. In addition, we've got our annual Ghostly Garden Halloween event coming up and are always seeking volunteers!

We will also be holding elections at the September meeting for the 2017 Board. The nominating committee has come up with a great slate for next year, including some new faces!

Here are the nominations:

  • President: Josh Bucher. Josh has served on the WANT board for the past three years, most recently as Vice President. He also designs the WANT newsletter. Josh is a freelance graphic designer who lives on Catalpa with his wife, two children, and one dog with three legs.
  • Vice President: Debby Pope. Debby is a long-time resident of West Andersonville and an active member of WANT, most recently serving as Treasurer. She lives on Rascher, was a CPS teacher for many years, and currently works for the Chicago Teachers' Union. You've probably seen her walking her dog Honey around the neighborhood.
  • Secretary: Dianne Daleiden. Dianne has lived in the neighborhood for 34 years and raised her son here. She's a CPS teacher and community activist who served on WANT's board as secretary this year. Dianne is active with St. Gregory's, where she organized the farmers' market for several years. Dianne lives on Paulina.
  • Treasurer: Julie Nelson. Julie lives on Summerdale and works in the neighborhood (at WANT supporter Painted Light!). She's been a big contributor to the area, especially by organizing the yard sale for the last two years. She served on WANT's board as a member-at-large this year.
  • Member-at-Large: Alan Neff. Alan has lived on Catalpa since 1987 and served on the WANT board some years ago. Alan taught at IIT and served as a lawyer for the City until 2012. His interests include cycling, hiking and writing, and he volunteers for the Recyclery, a community bike co-op.
  • Member-at-Large: Miguel Trujillo. Miguel is a former CPS principal who lives on Ashland and has been a strong WANT member and volunteer, especially with his help on Ghostly Garden.
  • Member-at-Large: Autumn Davidson. Autumn has lived in the area since 2012 and has been another strong WANT volunteer, with contributions to the summer event the last two years. Autumn is a physician at the University of Illinois, and she lives on Summerdale with her husband and 11 month old daughter.
Thanks to Amanda Dykema-Engblade and Margarita Leonard for serving on the nominating committee, and to the 2016 board members for their service this year!
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