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If you enjoy meandering thru West Andersonville Gardens, help us maintain this community treasure.  

Our 2019 plans begin with:

Sunday, March 24 (weather permitting) Rake Leaves & Garden Clean-up

Saturday, April 13 Refresh the Garden Path and Cut Back Grasses (In case of storms will be April 14.)

Sunday, May 19 Rebuild the Raised Stone Bed at Summerdale      

See the flyer above for other workdays and our Wednesday “workevenings.” This is a lot of projects. We’ll need YOUR HELP to make it all happen.

Location: Ravenswood (east of the METRA tracks) from Berwyn to Balmoral.

Time: 9:00 to Noon.  Come when you can. Tools & gloves will be provided.

A short history of West Andersonville Gardens: the area which is now the garden was for many years a weedy trash heap. WANT organized a cleanup each spring and occasionally neighbors mowed the grass. Then a woman started planting near Berwyn. This inspired WANT members to contact Alderman O'Connor to see if the city could offer help with beautifying the space. That help came in the form of participation in the GreenCorps program. This program offered training, plants and manpower to community organizations. We were one of the very first GreenCorps gardens. Four of us spent the winter of 1995 attending classes which covered topics such as community organizing, garden design and choosing plants. We spent the spring and summer organizing folks to clean up the area and publicizing the project.

Then in September, GreenCorps arrived with truckloads of trees and shrubs and trained folks to help us plant. We supplied the community volunteers and lots of good food. Our plan was to create a strolling garden featuring trees which are seldom seen in the city such as Kentucky Coffee, Gingko and Paper Bark Maple. The number of folks who stroll through the garden each week are proof of the success of that plan!

In the 20 years since, we've had other assistance from GreenCorps and the Chicago Botanic Garden for major projects such as the trellis and raised bed at Summerdale and the benches. But our community volunteers and the support of WANT have always been and continue to be what make West Andersonville Gardens a place of beauty for all to enjoy.